Lake of the Woods Fishing

Lake of the Woods provides one of the most diverse fisheries in all of Ontario. Some of the best fishing is within sight of the resort – more fishing and less boating!

Lake of the Woods Fishing Information

Lake of the Woods covers over 400,000 square miles. Its thousands of islands create wind protected fishing waters and a varietyof fish found nowhere else. Located in the heart of the Aulneau Wilderness Area, Obabikon Bay provides infinite opportunities to fish reefs, sandy beaches and weedy bays.

Here’s several things you might like to know about the Obabikon area. Its thousands of islands create wind protected fishing waters and a variety of fish found nowhere else. Located in the heart of the Aulneau Wilderness Area, Obabikon Bay provides infinite opportunities to fish reefs, sandy beaches and weedy bays. No long boat rides are necessary here. Northern, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Crappie abound just minutes from the resort.

There is little fishing or hunting pressure since resorts are few and far between. Obabikon is a family owned and operated resort and features the finest in American Plan accommodations. Quality meals, experienced staff, and well maintained equipment are standard policy at Obabikon.


We call walleye our “bread and butter” fish. Partially because that’s what everyone wants to go for, and partially because they taste so good on buttered bread! A great attraction to Obabikon is the proximity to Miles Bay. Sitting just to the west of the resort, Miles is considered one of the top walleye areas on the entire lake. We like to fish sand beaches in the spring, and rock humps in the summer. Miles has proven to have fantastic walleye fishing year round. This is all located just five minutes from the resort.

Northern Pike

If you have kids with you, plan on doing quite a bit of casting. Obabikon Lake, located just to the north of the resort, has the highest concentration of Northern Pike in all of Lake of the Woods. We typically cast single hook spinner baits with steel leaders for them. Fishing areas and their habitats will vary throughout the season, but is dependent on current weed beds. The advantage of Obabikon Lake in this situation is that it is a mud bottom lake. The mud makes the lake more adept to growing vegetation, and therefore provides some of the best habitat for Northern Pike all season.


They’re so strong they’ll knock your esox off. The musky (also called esox) are the top of the food chain on Lake of the Woods. Our bay itself is one of the best bays in the area for big muskies. Every year a guest catches a fifty inch (or bigger) fish within sight of the camp. Bring some heavy duty equipment if this is what you’re targeting. However, even if you don’t, you never know when these beasts from the deep will appear on the end of your line!


The rock bottom of the main lake provides perfect habitat for smallmouth bass. With their main food source being crayfish, smallmouths can be targeted anywhere you see a boulder or weed bed. We use a variety of artificial lures: crank baits, rattle traps, spinner baits, twister tails, rubber worms, tubes, and many more. In September, they start to move towards deep water. Jigging the tops of humps with a leech or tube jig is the best way to go.


If panfish is what you’re looking for, go no further. Our crappie fishing can be a great way to spend a vacation. In June and July there are days that you don’t even need to get in a boat. The fishing off of our “world famous” crappie dock is phenomenal. Our large floating docks provide excellent shade and some structure for the fish, and can provide a wonderful way to finish off the day. The fall crappie fishing is often referred to as “fish in a barrel” time. The crappie will school up in deep water. It’s not uncommon for a group of three to come back before lunch with their 45 crappie.

Yellow Perch

Perch fishing has gained quite a bit of popularity in the past few years. The reason being we’re now getting 12 inchers on a regular basis. While many people still prefer fishing for the big trophy, if you’re looking for food, this is your fish. Guests purchasing a Sportsman license are allowed to bring home fifty perch per person! That’s one hundred fillets.




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